#CyberFLASH: Internet security a priority, Industry Minister James Moore tells Canada-U.S. business council


WASHINGTON – Industry Minister James Moore says he would consider supporting a bill that would give Canadians the right to be forgotten on the Internet.

Moore said Wednesday privacy and security on the Internet is a priority and he would consider supporting a private members bill giving Canadians the right to have their private communications and other records permanently erased.

The right of an individual to have personal records erased from the Internet is being put into practice in the European Union where individuals can demand that information that could stigmatize them be removed from Internet searches.

“This is a whole new world,” Moore said during a panel session at a meeting of the Canadian American Business Council.

“It wouldn’t have been imagined six months or a year ago, but we are certainly paying attention to the debate that is happening in Europe and how legislators are going to react to court decisions.”

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