#CyberFLASH: ‘Human error’ blamed for Rogers online security breach

web-rogers-0107Rogers Communications Inc. says that a security breach it is attributing to “human error” has resulted in outsiders gaining access to information associated with dozens of its medium-size business accounts.

The intruders appear to have used a technique known as “social engineering” – which relies on manipulating people into volunteering confidential information – to trick an IT support agent into handing over an employee’s confidential details that were then used to gain access to Rogers’s internal records.

Patricia Trott, a spokeswoman for the Toronto-based Internet and phone provider, said a “third party” accessed a “single e-mail address of one of our enterprise sales employees, who managed a small number of medium business accounts.”

The breach occurred last week, she said in a statement Monday, and was due to “human error (not system error).”

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