#CyberFLASH: How The Myth Of Google Censorship Was Busted By The EU & Canada

google-censored-search-results-ss-800-800x386For over a decade, Google has successfully convinced various governments that it is censoring its search results when it actually wasn’t. Finally, the governments have figured this out. Now that the myth is exposed, both Google and governments finally have to deal with the hard decisions of censorship.

This week, a court ruling in Canada and a privacy regulator in France are demanding that Google censor its search results worldwide, not just within versions of Google that the company runs for those countries.

Both of these bodies have been unconvinced that Google’s censorship on only country-specific versions of Google is sufficient. That’s because both understand that it’s not difficult to get around such censorship. That’s a change from how past governments have viewed things, in particular China.

Let’s explore some of that past history, as well as the technical situation. That’s important to the implementation of these rulings. Don’t worry. It’s not too technical.

Google.com: The World’s Search Engine
Once upon a time, there was only one version of Google — Google.com. Everyone used it; everyone got the same results.

Eventually, Google began altering the results of what Google.com served. If you were in the UK, and you searched for football, you’d get information related to what Americans call soccer rather than American football.

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