#CyberFLASH: How location-based data tells you where your customers are

15299215336_05b0755a26_oThe next time you walk by your favourite store, you may get some kind of message from it, running down its latest deals. Or you might get an ad from its competitor across the street, or from other brands in the same industry.

So what’s prompting this kind of advertising? The name of the game is location-based marketing, which targets consumers based on their whereabouts through their smartphones, as long as they’ve opted into sharing their location. While this hasn’t become a huge trend in Canada as of yet, it’s on its way, and EQ Works has been one of the first companies in the Great White North to tap into more advanced location-based data.

Based in Toronto, EQ Works is a digital marketing agency that helps other companies with their media buying. The company is the first in Canada to partner with Factual Inc., a U.S.-based startup that has supplied location data to the likes of Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and Groupon and has served as a cornerstone for a broad swath of location-dependent entertainment, restaurant and hotel apps.

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