#CyberFLASH: Heartbleed remains serious threat to enterprise


It is believed to have infected nearly half a million of the Internet’s secure Web servers and just two weeks before the tax filing deadline in April, it forced Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to shut down its Web site.

The OpenSSL cryptography vulnerability known as the Heartbleed bug which enables hackers to grab data from from computer systems by just communicating with a host server, caused a widespread scare around the globe just five months ago. Now, after many corporations and government agencies are supposed to patched their systems, a security firm is saying that Heartbleed remains a serious threat.

In a recent report, Venafi Inc., a Salt Lake City-based cyber security software company, said its survey of 1,639 Global 2000 companies that many such firms “have not completely remediated Heartbleed.”

This means as much as 97 per cent of external servers of global 2000 companies remain vulnerable to cyber attacks through Heartbleed.

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