#CyberFLASH: Halifax International Security Forum cyberattack just a “server issue”

n-ONLINE-SPYING-largeThe website of the Halifax International Security Forum was offline for hours Saturday morning, prompting officials to call it an “attack by an external threat.”

However, that claim was later revised by a statement that read: “rumours of our being under some form of cyberattack turn out to have been a miscommunication about an internal server issue.”

Last year’s security forum saw a true online attack. Members of ISIS began sending tweets with their promotional videos alongside the security forum’s official hashtag “#HISF2014.” The hashtag was rendered essentially unusable by officials after ISIS flooded it with so much content that was contrary to the messaging of the conference.

Throughout this year’s online outage, users were unable to access the forum’s website. However, the live video feed remained online for most of the morning, except for a brief outage around noon.

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