#CyberFLASH: Hackers pledge more attacks

1322203954274_ORIGINALThe Anonymous hacker group that carried out Friday’s cyber attack on City Hall has pledged attacks on eight more targets, including Ottawa Police and the Supreme Court.

The group has taken responsibility for hacking Ottawa.ca, hijacking the site with a taunting image of a dancing banana, and naming an Ottawa police officer with the ominous message “You know what we want…” Launching a hacking campaign dubbed Operation Soaring Eagle two weeks ago, the group claims they have already penetrated the Ottawa police server.

The group taunted police to find a “digital footprint” left behind as proof of their capabilities, and also threatened to deface the Ottawa police website, as well as publishing email exchanges between officers and the home addresses of investigators.

“For every one technical (expert) you think you have, we have 20.. 50.. 100.. Do you believe us now?” the group posted following Friday’s hack.

“Are we serious enough? This is just the start, Operation Soaring Eagle will continue, until we see fit that it is completed. We will be taking over all ottawa police networks, shutdown communications on the internet, hijack domains, servers, and soo much more (sic). It all starts today (Friday).”

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