#CyberFLASH: Group stages ‘digital sit-in’ to take down government websites over Bill C-51

3e8bbf09abde7c2cb8cd80f03584f864The members of a group claiming credit for causing a series of government and political party websites to go down on Wednesday afternoon described it as a “digital … sit-in” to protest Bill C-51 and a handful of arrests in Halifax.

“Honestly, we just want people talking about what’s happening here with C-51,” one of the members told the Citizen.

Members of the group, calling itself Op Cyber Privacy, were contacted in an online chat group.

Through the afternoon, a series of denial of service attacks, which overload website servers, brought down a number of government websites.

“(It’s) the digital form of a sit-in protest,” the member said. “We are taking up all the seats of these sites so no one can access them temporarily.”

“It does not damage the website nor do we access information on said websites.”

The group said it had taken down the Conservative party website, the Liberal party website, Peter MacKay’s website and the justice department website, among others.

“The website was down for a short period of time,” said Olivier Duchesneau with the Liberal party.

He said no data had been compromised, adding that denial of service attacks are relatively common.

The group said to expect rolling outages of websites throughout the afternoon and evening. At various times, some of the websites were down. Others were up and running. The group said members weren’t keeping websites down for long.

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