#CyberFLASH: Grey County opens up with new Open Data initiative

typing-image-genericGrey County is joining many of its major municipal peers across the country by creating opportunities for anyone to dive into government-created data through an Open Data portal.

“Open Data” refers to the free-of-charge release of government-produced and – maintained data via online catalogues so that data can be access, analyzed or used by members of the public for their own initiatives, like developing innovative programs and apps.

Grey County’s Open Data initiative is part of the County’s ongoing efforts to leverage opportunities for social and economic development through the new broadband economy through the Connected County Initiative.

“The global firm McKinsey and Company estimates that Open Data can help generate more than $3 trillion a year in key sectors of the global economy,” said Director of IT, Geoff Hogan. “Around the world and across Canada, people are using government data to create businesses and community apps, from web and mobile apps to help understand transit or energy consumption, through to visualizations that help everyday citizens better understand municipal operations. Open Data has the power to support innovative ideas that will encourage economic growth and help people in their everyday lives.”

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