#CyberFLASH: Graphic Back to School Tips from Privacy Commissioner

smartphone-852-rtxzq6nWhether you or your kids are returning to grade school, high school or university, a digital device is probably going, too. PCs and laptops, phones and tablets, even wearables are becoming as much a part of daily school life as pencils and paper once were.

It’s not just students, smartphone in hand, staying in touch with parents, friends and family via text or social media.

Teachers are engaging with students digitally more and more, and schools are using more and more course outlines with class assignments that require students to participate in online activities such as in-class research, after school homework, submitting assignments, team-building activities and more. Sometimes the school supplies the device, most times it belongs to the student; either way, there’s personal information and school-related data that needs protecting.

Parents may want to talk with their child’s teacher or school rep about how the school itself works to protect both student and institutional devices, and they data they carry – whether from physical damage, accidental loss or leakage, or malicious intent.

The recommendation from privacy experts is that they definitely sit down with their kids for a similar talk 

The first thing anyone should do with a new mobile device is activate the password protection, says the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada in a series of online posts.

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