#CyberFLASH: Government right to fire civil servant for abusing Internet, privacy breach: tribunal

marc-gravelle-fired-rulingA labour relations tribunal has upheld the firing of a civil servant who used his government computer to indulge his car obsession, complain about his job, store electronic music files, and attempt to cheat on staffing competitions.

In a recent decision, the Public Service Labour Relations Board said the government had just cause to fire Marc Gravelle, a human resources assistant in the Department of Justice, in July 2011.

Gravelle had argued that the government did not prove its case against him and that his abrupt dismissal ignored the principle of progressive discipline.

Adjudicator Renaud Paquet, however, concluded that Gravelle had severed the bond of trust that must exist between the government and one of its employees.

“As a human resources assistant, he had access to confidential documents related to competitive processes,” Paquet ruled.

“He used that privilege for his own purposes and sent confidential documents to his home address. That constitutes a lack of integrity and very serious misconduct.”

Read the full story in the Ottawa Citizen

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