#CyberFLASH: Government isn’t the Big Brother Canadians need to watchout for

Surveillance_610pxIn the book 1984, author George Orwell painted a picture of a world in a perpetual war and where citizens were constantly being observed by government.

Hence the term Big Brother is watching. Big Brother, was the ruling party’s leader, who may or may not exist.

Of course that is just a book, that most of us were forced to read in high school. In real life that couldn’t happen, right?

Although on any given street corner in any town or city there are enough security cameras to record just about any excursion outside one’s home, in Canada we have privacy laws which prevent the government from unduly watching its citizens.

Yes, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the recent passing of C-51 which gives the government added tools to combat potential terrorist threats, but for the most part, everyday Canadians have little to fear about being watched by ‘Big Brother.’

At least in terms of Big Brother being government.

Big brother, sister, cousin, best friend, neighbour, or the person living down the street, now that’s a different story.

There was a time not so long ago when protecting a person’s privacy meant drawing the curtains of their windows. Now, in the computer era, protecting one’s privacy is a bit more difficult.

Long ago hackers found out they had the ability to access government, business, and personal websites and computers and did so for a wide variety of reasons, crime, curiosity, or just for the challenge.

Now it seems these hackers have added another target to their list, everyday household items, that people wouldn’t normally acquaint with hackers. Things like baby monitors or their vehicles.

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