#CyberFLASH: Former CSIS director backs greater oversight


The former director of CSIS says he supports greater oversight of the nation’s security and intelligence agencies to ensure they are playing within the rules.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has signalled its intention to set up an all-party, parliamentary oversight committee to watch over Canada’s national security agencies.

“Broadly speaking I think there’s something to be said for somebody, somewhere, having an overview,” said Richard Fadden, who retired about a month ago from his role as national security advisor to the prime minister, a job assigned to him by former prime minister Stephen Harper. Prior to that Fadden was the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

But in order for such a committee to function correctly, Fadden told CTV’s Question Period it would need to be given staff and provided with access to classified information, and integrated with various security agencies to ensure the committee members receive pertinent information when making decisions.

Liberal Government House Leader Dominic LeBlanc said Friday the government plans to “expeditiously” follow through on its pledge.

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