#CyberFLASH: Fighting the cyber jihadists

Mideast Islamic StateLast month, the United Nations held the world’s first “Social Media Day.” Supported by Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland, the main thrust of the inaugural event was to showcase how different organizations are using social media in positive ways to “create online movements through strategic storytelling, community-generated content and amplifying action.”

Unfortunately, those using digital technologies to promote social good were overshadowed by violent extremists around the globe who have become adept at using platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and SnapChat to promote or carry out blatant human rights violations.

Welcome to the age of digital jihad. Social media is increasingly being used by extremists as a weapon of war to indoctrinate others with their violent ideologies, to advertise rather than hide their crimes against humanity, to incite hate and violence, and attract new religious fighters to their ranks.

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