#CyberFLASH: Ex-Nortel staff reverse engineer gadgets for patent violations

Ottawa-based Rockstar suing Google, Samsung and Huawei

On Oct. 31, the two-year-old company filed lawsuits against global tech giants, including Google, Samsung and Huawei. The suits allege they use technology developed and patented by Canada’s one-time tech darling Nortel, but refuse to pay licensing fees.

Rockstar has the rights to Nortel’s legacy, as it owns 4,000 patents developed in Nortel labs. Rockstar’s main goal is to use those patents to make money for its owners: Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony and Ericsson.

Critics allege this is a real problem… It’s gumming up the innovation system and it frustrates other companies and stifles innovation and productivity as a whole.” –Jeremy DeBeer, University of Ottawa law professor

Veschi is proud of what he does now, but it’s not the dream he had when he worked for Nortel.

“My hope was to build a business like this and be part of the turnaround for Nortel,” said Veschi, whose job was to make Nortel money by licensing the technology in its patents.

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