#CyberFLASH: Does Mass Surveillance Prevent Terrorist Attacks?

cra-passwords-security_211076204-e1402005190177Mass trolling of internet data — as done by Canada’s electronic spy agency in a project dubbed Levitation — can impede cyber spies in the hunt for extremists more than it helps, some security experts argue.

“We’ve focused too much on bulk collection just because there’s a capacity to survey broad swaths of digital communication and collect it and store it, potentially indefinitely,” says Adam Molnar, a Canadian security expert teaching at an Australian university.

But that collection may not only be harmful to privacy and civil liberties concerns, but ineffective as well, the Deakin University lecturer argues.

“Even in instances where we see an attack occur, these agencies are drowning in data and they’re not even able to follow up on specific leads.”

Molnar cites the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the recent Paris attacks as cases where information was gathered in suspects, “but it made very little difference.”

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