#CyberFLASH: Digitized2015 draws hundreds of technological teens

large_cybersecHundreds of teenagers packed into a university lecture hall Thursday to learn about hacking terrorists, spies and thieves.

Keynote speaker Justin Seitz’s cyber security talk kicked off Digitized 2015, a technology conference for students held at the University of Saskatchewan.

“How do I get started in all of this? I think that is the big question for a lot of them,” Seitz explained. “Although you’re going to learn a lot of the background information in computer science, at the U of S for example, a lot of it is self-taught. So, really, you can begin that journey right now.”

Grade 10 student, Jaidyn Guenther from Hepburn, Sask., is one of the teens who got started early.

“I wanted to come here because I am really interested in computers and I have been taking some other courses and my teacher suggested that I come check this out,” Guenther explained.

Guenther, along with 375 other high school students from Saskatoon and surrounding area are all interested in careers in technology.

In fact, according to the university’s Department of Computer Science and the Saskatoon Industry-Education Council, the conference hosts, more students are enrolling in computer science programs every year.

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