#CyberFLASH: DDoS-as-a-service: Will Black Friday see upturn in web site attacks?

black-friday1-e1416862196412With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the busiest online shopping season heading into full swing, it’s a favourite time for cybercriminals hoping to cash in on the holiday hoopla.

“The amount of breaches and stolen identities went up drastically in October, November and December of last year,” said Alexander Rau, national information security strategist with Symantec Canada.

“There’s more online shopping going on. People are crazy about Black Friday (Nov. 28, the day after the American Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday, people want to get the best deal in the fastest time.

“If there’s a lot of traffic, that’s where the attackers and the hackers go to try to steal information if they can.”

It’s not only about stealing credit card credentials — that aspect of online chicanery, while still prevalent, is only a small part of cybercrime.

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