#CyberFLASH: Data Breaches in Canada Rampant; Alertness Critical


According to a study by Statistics Canada, more than a third of Canadian businesses surveyed claim to have suffered a significant data breach in the past year that could put their clients or organization at risk.

That figure could be even higher, as the same study found that 56 percent of the 236 Canadian respondents said they believed that threats sometimes went undetected.

“Even the best-protected networks have regular security incidents,” Jeff Debrosse, director of security research for Websense, told the Canadian Press. “It’s a 24-7 onslaught. It’s a barrage of attacks and attempts to penetrate the defenses.”

Debrosse said that it is a real challenge for organizations to understand their vulnerabilities, much less prevent breaches. Though technology is improving, he stresses the importance of sharing information regarding attacks within and among organizations.

“It’s not just about the vendors; it’s about creating this ecosystem of threat intelligence. And that’s a very important area of focus today,” Debrosse says.

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