#CyberFLASH: Cybersecurity incubator to be headquartered in Ottawa suburb


Venus to address threats posed by cyberattacks with goal of making Canada a global leader in field


OTTAWA – A business incubator to foster the country’s cybersecurity industry will be headquartered in a suburb of Ottawa, the city announced Tuesday.

Venus Cybersecurity Corporation — Virtual Environment for Networks of Ubiquitous Security — is a non-profit collaboration between Carleton University, Communications Security Establishment Canada, the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, the province, the city and Telus.

They are each investing up to $250,000 in cash and/or in-kind services, with the goal of making Canada a global leader in cybersecurity.

Initially, the venture will create about 25 jobs in Orleans, an east Ottawa suburb.
“While Ottawa’s west end continues to develop computer programs, the east end will ensure their security,” said Ottawa-Orleans MP Royal Galipeau in a news release. “The arrival of Venus in Orleans, combined with the coming arrival of Communications Security Establishment Canada to the east end, and the proximity of the National Research Council of Canada, will make Ottawa’s east end a leader in the important field of cybersecurity. This cutting-edge expertise is important for the whole country.”

The corporation “will seek to address the threat posed by cyberattacks, including disrupting critical infrastructure, stealing intellectual property, identity theft, compromising online bank accounts, posting confidential information, creating and distributing viruses and encrypting systems to demand ransom,” according to a news release.

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