#CyberFLASH: Cyberbullying bill draws fire from diverse mix of critics

cyberbullying-bill-c-13Justice Minister Peter MacKay probably expected to take some shots from the opposition over Bill C-13, colloquially known as the cyberbullying bill.

But he may not have been expecting to take so much friendly fire from his own base.

After all, it’s a rare piece of legislation that can unite groups as disparate as the Council of Canadians and the National Firearms Association. And yet the bill, which went to third reading 10 days ago, after the Conservative government voted to shorten time for debate, has done just that.

Sheldon Clare is president of the National Firearms Association, the country’s biggest gun owners’ organization and the same group that persuaded MacKay to pose in a sweatshirt with its rifle logo a few weeks ago.

But if the minister thought his gesture would win the group over on Bill C-13, he was mistaken, says Clare.

“We think that this is probably the most draconian step towards police interference in people’s lives since George Orwell revealed the potential for it when he wrote 1984.”

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