#CyberFLASH: Corporate hackers in crosshairs as Canadian tech firms launch fight for security


Canada’s technology hub is looking to emerge as a prized fighter in the battle against corporate hackers, but one of its biggest challenges may be winning over a business community reluctant to ramp up their own protection.

A group of companies in the Waterloo Region is making headway in an industry focused on the biggest common threat to the business world consumer data and proprietary information falling into the hands of outsiders.

During the past year, massive data breaches left U.S. retailers and banks fumbling to explain how hackers stole personal information about their customers while the Canadian government took some of its systems offline to recover from attacks they claim from China.

The sheer number of infiltrations has created a huge opportunity for cybersecurity firm eSentire Inc. of Cambridge, one of the rising stars of global corporate security.

Last month, eSentire secured $14 million from a group of investors who want to grow the operation, open a new office building and add another 40 people to its 90 employees.

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