#CyberFLASH: Commons asked to review encryption following report NSA has back-door access


OTTAWA — House of Commons security is being asked to review its continued use of a private encryption device amid media reports that the company that makes it took money from the National Security Agency to build in a back-door access point.

The request from the NDP caucus comes on the heels of a Reuters report that IT security company RSA made a secret deal with the NSA to weaken code in its encryption software that would grant the embattled spy agency the ability to access what users believed were secure files.

RSA received $10 million from the NSA to put the loophole in its product, Reuters reported Friday, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the deal. The report followed earlier stories from Reuters and The New York Times that the NSA created a flawed formula to generate random numbers that was then allegedly inserted into an RSA security product and gave the NSA access to multitudes of computers.

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