#CyberFLASH: CIRA part of new security agency


Canada’s Internet domain registry is one of a number of organizations banding together in a non-profit group to try to put a dent in the number of criminals abusing the domain name system.

The Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA), which oversees the .ca domain, Facebook Verizon, VeriSign, Enom, Name.com, CrowdStrike, the Anti-Phising Working Group (APWG) and others officially launched the Secure Domain Foundation today to fight cybercrime.

The weapon is a database of banned people that domain registrars and Web site hosting providers can check for phony information or known data abusers before giving out domain names.

“We’re not making it impossible” for criminals to get registered,  Chris Davis, a founder and president of the foundation, who is also director of partnerships at security vendor CrowdStrike, said in an interview, “but we’re raising the bar and making it a little harder for these bad guys to operate.”

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