#CyberFLASH: Canadians ready to let government departments share personal data

B97375091Z.120141001155319000GS36SSNI.11Most Canadians are reasonably confident the federal government is protecting the personal information it collects about them, and support the idea of sharing that data between departments to improve service.

And they accept government surveillance on Canadians for national security as “important” – unless it applies to them. That’s when the majority feel government snooping on their phone records and internet activity would be a violation of privacy.

A survey by Environics Institute and the Ottawa-based Institute on Governance (IOG) found nine per cent of those asked strongly agreed with the notion that the government is “adequately” protecting the personal information it gathers when they fill out their taxes, apply for a passport, cross a border or apply for employment insurance.

Forty-eight per cent “somewhat” agreed; 31 per cent aren’t very confident and 12 per cent say they aren’t at all confident that their privacy is protected.

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