#CyberFLASH: Canadians Anticipate Connected World in 2025, Have Concerns About Security and Privacy


Canadian consumers believe that technology will significantly change their lifestyle by 2025.

This is according to McAfee Canada, part of Intel Security, which recently released findings from its first Safeguarding the Future of Digital Canada in 2025 study. The study looks at how technology relates to people’s homes, workplace, cars, mobile devices and online security.

For example, 51 percent of Canadians believe their houses will be able to speak to them; 70 per cent anticipate using solar panels as their main source of energy; and 56 per cent predict there will be cars that navigate completely on autopilot.

However, Canadians may feel hesitant in sharing personal information or adapting to these technologies in fear of their privacy being jeopardized. 66 per cent of Canadians expressed concern over the expected state of cyber security in 2025.

Canadians know that as technology advances, more of their everyday devices will be connected to the Internet, said Brenda Moretto, Canadian consumer manager at McAfee. “While they believe this will simplify some aspects of their lives, they’re also concerned about how their security and privacy will be protected,” he said.

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