#CyberFLASH: Canadian survey aims to improve data on state of cyber security here

91910728One of the country’s biggest IT lobby groups is trying to put hard numbers on the state of cyber security in Canada.

The cyber council of Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) released a 30-point questionnaire Monday for C-level executives and managers to fill in gaps in data before it goes to Ottawa, the provinces and the private sector to marshal weapons in the war against cyber attackers.

The goal “is to raise the level of dialogue around cyber security in Canada,” Katherine Thompson, a CATA vice-president and chair of its cyber council, said in an interview. “Our council believes we need more active dialogue around the issue. We need to see more private and public sector collaboration.”

Missing are things like “what are labor really market looks like,” she said. There’s a shortage of skilled IT security talent but there’s not a lot of data about how hard or easy organizations feel it is to recruit.

“Another area is the economic development side,” she added. “A lot of countries like the U.S., the U.K. and Israel have cyber security ambassadors who not only spread the mandate of the country as it relates to cyber security but also are looking to promote and elevate the profile of the SMBs in the country and what some of the innovation is. We don’t really have that.”

Survey questions include listing the barriers that prevent the timely and efficient sharing of cyber threat information in Canada, whether current laws and regulations restrict the sharing of cyber threat information, if the organization has an incident response team, it if is confident that it has the appropriate level of technology, people and processes to provide the required level of security for its operations and the data it holds, and rating Canada and government leaders’ level of commitment and leadership in cyber security.

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