#CyberFLASH: Canadian CSOs need to share more threat information, say experts

71080359-620x250Few organizations like to share information unless it’s non-competitive with competitors for obvious reasons. But with the encouragement of Public Safety Canada, critical infrastructure firms have been setting up forums for the exchange of security information.

However, two experts say Canadian organizations need to do more confidential threat intelligence sharing if they are going to stay ahead of attackers.

Kevvie Fowler, a partner in KPGM Canada’s risk consulting services and Vivek Khindria, head of information security at Bell Canada [TSX: BCE], urged more co-operation during this week’s Canadian Telecom Summit, where they were on a panel on the importance of threat intelligence.

“Most sectors have learned that trying to hoard (security) information is not going to be a competitive advantage,” Khindria said during the session. “The bad guys are really good at sharing information, and we have to get better. And that may mean laws have to change, my mean more support at the federal level, but it also means that each of us as companies and organizations have to go about figuring out how to share that information.”

“The amount of information sharing (in the private sector) is improving,” Fowler said in an interview. “Is it enough, No, we still need more information sharing … As we get up to the executive level it would be great to see more.

“(Threat) information isn’t just to be shared by managers, (line of business) directors or VPs, it should also be done at the board level.” (During his panel presentation he said some boards are doing it).

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