#CyberFLASH: Canada – Dump Duffy petition site hacked

Dump Duffy petition website hacked

OTTAWAA website that hosts five different petitions asking the federal government to turf Sen. Mike Duffy from the Senate over concerns about his residency has lost all its signatures in a successful hack.

The perpetrators? Unknown, but the website’s managers — I can’t say who because there are no names attached to the site other than those who have signed the petitions — say they have an idea. And they don’t think it was a random act.

“We aren’t pointing any fingers, but our records indicate that it is highly unlikely that it was a random act. We have the IP address of the computer we believe carried out the attack and we will monitor that address in the future as well as report this attack and any further attacks to the appropriate authorities,” reads a message on the homepage for the website, DumpDuffy.ca.

“It seems unlikely that the perpetrator was a supporter of our campaign, for obvious reasons. Draw your own conclusions.”

The website had users sign one of the five petitions. Once a person completed the sign-up and verified their identity, an email was sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to remove Duffy from the Senate under a provision of the Constitution that requires senators to be residents of the province they represent. Failure to meet this qualification means a senator can be removed from the upper chamber.

[Source] Jordan Press | Canada.com

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