#cyberFLASH: Biometric facial screening coming to Canadian borders

160108_no0lk_rci-m-face-1_sn635Canada’s border agency plans to join several other countries and begin using facial recognition technology at entry points.

The idea is to compare video images of people arriving at border points against those on criminal data-bases and so-called “watchlists” in an effort to keep out alleged terrorists and criminals. It would also prevent people who have been deported from trying to regain entry using false documents under a different name.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has been working with the University of Quebec and other developers to determine how well the technology works under various lighting and crowd movement situations in extracting information from video images.

The technology will be tested at various locations in an operational context although apparently no trials involving actual travelers has yet taken place. It could eventually be installed at US-Canada border points and at international airports.

The technology has already been assessed by the CBSA in settings such as video footage of interview counter, hallways, waiting rooms and baggage pickup areas.

The federal privacy watchdog has issued a cautionary note to the CBSA that there is a possibility of “false positives” and that it could cause undue scrutiny of innocent travelers.

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