#CyberFLASH: Bill C-51 hearings: National Firearms Association pulls out

peter-mackay-and-steven-blaneyThe National Firearms Association, which had been scheduled to speak against the government’s proposed anti-terrorism bill, has pulled itself off the list of witnesses scheduled for Monday’s public safety committee meeting on Parliament Hill.

The group has not been rescheduled, the committee clerk confirmed to CBC News.

The NFA’s lawyer, Solomon Friedman, had been scheduled to share a panel with Open Media executive director Steve Anderson and was expected to raise concerns about Bill C-51. The bill has already been roundly criticized for including measures that would let government departments share information, as well as for giving the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) broad powers to disrupt unlawful activity.

Open Media advocates for cheaper and faster internet, often taking on the wireless industry. The panel with the NFA seemed like an odd pairing, but both are part of the Protect our Privacy Coalition and have raised concerns about the lack of oversight for Canadian intelligence agencies CSIS and CSEC, the Communications Security Establishment Canada.

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