#CyberFLASH: BC data breach, millions of students data lost

150923_1h9o9_rci-m-virk_sn635The provincial government in the west coast province of British Columbia has admitted the loss of personal information on millions of students.

The data with personal information was on an unencrypted hard drive which can no longer be found.

The hard drive contains student data from 1986 to 2009, on some 3.4 millions students from B.C and Yukon territory, including names, gender, grades, postal codes, and personal education numbers.

It alos included 825 survey results from teachers aged more than 53 years old, in 2003, on their retirement plans and also other information about cancer survivors on their education outcomes, as well as information related to 9,273 children in government care, including health data on behaviour issues and supervision status, the government said.

The government has said it considers the privacy risk low as the device contained no financial information, banking, social insurance, or driver’s licence numbers.

However others say that information could be matched with information from other sources.

‘How do we ensure this never happens again?’ asks Judy Arnold, Yukon’s deputy education minister as Yukon reconsiders data sharing with B.C.

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