#CyberFLASH: App-titude for risk is growing

15299215336_05b0755a26_oIf you remember the safe-sex campaigns of the 1990s, you might guess where this is headed.

Safe apps.

Yes, it’s come to that in a wired world where we do just about everything online.

What you might not know is just how dangerous those computer applications, or apps, that you download — increasingly on smartphones, for everything from games to shopping and banking — can be.

With the explosive growth of digital technology, cyber-security studies suggest roughly half of Canadians don’t even know that apps can track where you are, for example.

Another worrisome tidbit?

Trojan Horses attached to apps also can delete your files, even record your personal information like credit-card numbers.

That’s on top of other risks, like text messages containing malware that can crash your phone. Or finding out your phone has been cloned and others are making calls on your dime. Or that using an insecure network has left the door open to others to use your data plan and access your contact list.

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