Canada Cyber Espionage: Defence Contractors, Human Rights Groups Attacked

MONTREAL – Small Canadian defence contractors and human rights groups have been targets of cyber espionage, part of a global trend in which attackers try to steal the “crown jewels” of information, says software security company Symantec Corp.

Sensitive emails, intellectual property, research and development, contracts and documents and merger and acquisition information are all targets, Symantec’s Eric Chien said in an interview.

“We would definitely characterize it as cyber espionage, going into companies via the Internet and onto their computers and basically spying for information,” said Chien, technical director, security and response for Symantec.

“What we’re talking about, really, are the crown jewels of any organization.”

No companies were named in the report on cyber espionage titled the “Elderwood Project,” released Friday by California-based Symantec. The name comes from a piece of source code, or programming language, used by the attackers.

Canada had 35 organizations with 82 computers hit by cyber espionage since August 2011, the second most attacks out of 10 countries including Australia, India, United States plus Hong Kong, Symantec said.

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