Bell Canada and Rogers among the world’s top 10 throttlers in 2011 and 2012

Canada Glasnost data, Q1 2009 - Q1 2012Canada — An international analysis of how Internet service providers conduct their business has found that Canadian ISPs like Rogers and Bell rank among the worst in the world for throttling Internet access.

“Nearly all of the major Internet providers are heavy throttlers and Rogers tops them all,” the report reads, published by TorrentFreak and looking at Bittorrent users in particular. “For more than half a decade Rogers has continuously throttled more than three-quarters of all BitTorrent traffic.”

Throttling is a process by which Internet service providers can give certain users a lower data transfer rate if they’re using the Internet with certain applications. For example, a customer downloading a movie from iTunes might download a 750 Mb movie in 15 minutes, but if the connect is throttled, that same download could take two or three times longer via Bittorrent.

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