About us

CyberTRAX Canada is a syndicated research and development group that focuses on Canadian cyber security, online privacy and open access issues.

Our mission is to become Canada’s leading source of analytical insight and actionable intelligence. Our aim is to help strengthen Canada’s Internet by providing Canadians with often free or affordable and easy to use online services.

CyberTRAX Canada is the research and development arm of C3SA //Cyber Security Audit CORP, an independentcyber security audit consultancy headquartered in Ottawa, ON, Canada.


checkmark Canadian operation, focus and scope checkmark Actionable intelligence of cyber threats, vulnerabilities and
risks to Canadian sectors
checkmark Source of Canadian cyber security news,
incidents, events, trends and statistics
checkmark Independent and objective analysis;  no contracts or marketing
checkmark Analytical insight to Canadian cyber security,
online privacy and open access issues
checkmark Backed by 20 years of cyber security audit consulting experience
in highly sensitive and mission critical environments

CyberCare1, affordable cyber security for Canadians

The CyberTRAX Canada automated CyberCare1 service, assesses cyber threats, vulnerabilities and risks to the information security, privacy, copyright and business continuity of your assets, within a 2-6 week timeframe, at a fraction of the cost of a typical consulting engagement or a fulltime equivalent salary. For the low-cost of CyberTRAX Canada annual membership, Canadian governments, businesses, non-profits, universities and colleges, and consumer groups can benefit from all-in-one cyber security assessment and intelligence report provided by CyberCare1.

Join our community

The CyberTRAX Canada Community is continuously looking to grow in strength and numbers to monitor and help improve cyber security across Canadian sectors, consumers and citizens. Canadian cyber security students, researchers, practitioners, enthusiasts and thelike are invited to join and participate in our Community.  As benefits, you will have the opportunity to:

  • gain insight to the cyber security landscape of Canada
  • network and collaborate with fellow peers
  • start and work on your own research projects
  • share ideas on what works and what doesn’t
  • contribute to an evolving knowledge base
  • make a difference and effect change
  • earn CPE, advance your career and profession

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